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New static.

2009-12-10 01:01:58 by TruUmada

Thanks for all votes and listens on static.

Post Static.

2009-05-04 22:20:34 by TruUmada

OK as everyone saw(lol) static was epic fail so I have alotta work to do after that embarassment of a song...hey cant blame a guy for tryin tho. Anyways i've started a new song which will b sorta.....different from Static Nova and hopefully better. Dunno when its coming out or what ill even name it. At least i got a comment on the last post and well hopfully i will progress from that. So newgrounds i hope i can do better for u guys on this next song.

Peace, love, and epic music~Tru

Wuz up Newgrounds!!!!!?!!!!

2009-05-02 12:29:28 by TruUmada

Yo whats up newgrounds after some practice i belive im ready to show my musical talent...(if i have any.xD) So b expecting some soon.